Mindful Mindset

Mindful mindset has seven interrelated features that synergistically foster deeper awareness of the interconnected nature of our lives


our capacity to understand the suffering of others and act upon it

Sympathetic Joy

our capacity to rejoice with the happiness of others

Situated Intersectional Awareness

social categories intersect with each other in complex ways which offer possibilities for identifying similarities and coalition forming across seemingly different categories

Negative Capability

our ability to reside in a situation with an open mind and to experience the sensations, feelings and emotions even when they are uncomfortable

Cultural Humility

a lifelong learning process with the following five characteristics: (a) supportive interaction; (b) egoless; (c) openness; (d) self-awareness; (e) self-reflection and critique


a key ingredient in the revitalization of our life goals and aspirations; to experience the miracle of seeing something miraculous in the familiar


our ability to help while keeping the self-worth of the recipient of our kindness intact

Professor Mahalingam was a wonderful instructor. He genuinely cares about his students and class as a whole and this comes across strongly in his instruction. He is sensitive to multicultural issues and ensures equal participation from all. He truly leads by example, and treats his students mindfully and with respect to the individuals that they are. I really appreciated how kind Professor Mahalingam was, and the environment he cultivated for our class. It was an open environment in which I felt extremely comfortable sharing and that all voices mattered. I felt encouraged to explore myself and my relationships with others mindfully and creatively, to be fully engaged with my life.

Former Student