Guided Meditations


Breath Meditation: Cultivate awareness with the present, and stay in the present.

Sympathetic Joy Meditation: Consciously feel, and be happy for other people’s happiness.

Loving Kindness Meditation: Cultivate compassion to ourselves, our family and friends, strangers, foes, and overall — expand compassion to all living beings.


7 days of Mindful Mindset Journaling Prompts
Day 1 Compassion

Think of someone who was very compassionate to you in the past. Write a brief paragraph about that person. Include as many details as possible about the compassionate act. Describe how that kindness matters to you. Make an aspiration in writing to set an intention to show that spirit of compassion to someone else soon.

Day 2 Sympathetic Joy

Think of a person who cares about your happiness. Write a brief paragraph about that person. Include as many details possible about your experience of joy. Describe what it means to experience this joy. Make an aspiration in writing to set an intention to cultivate joy in people around you.

Day 3 Situated Intersectional Awareness

You have many identities. Think of 2-3 identities, and write a brief paragraph about those identities describing what these identities mean to you. Now think of someone you know at the workplace, school, or in your community. Write a short paragraph describing 2-3 personal qualities about the person. Write 2-3 sentences about the overlap in your narratives and appreciate the connection between you and your friend.

Day 4 Negative Capability

Think of an experience that was unpleasant or uncomfortable (e.g., trying some new food or feeling sick) or made you feel tired. Write a brief paragraph about the feelings and emotions you felt during that time. Pay attention to your sensations and emotions with compassion. Make an aspiration to be kind to your suffering with self-care and compassion.

Day 5 Wonder

Pick a very familiar everyday object in your house (e.g., a pen, shirt, or dishtowel). Write a brief paragraph without stopping about your relationship with that object. Write freely without stopping whatever comes to your mind. Now reread what you wrote. Write a short summary of the new insights you gathered from this experience.

Day 6 Cultural Humility

Think of one of your favorite people in the world. Write a brief paragraph explaining why you like this person so much. Write a second paragraph describing what qualities of this person inspire you. Make an aspiration to look for various sources of inspiration around you.

Day 7 Generosity

Think of one of the most generous people in your life. Recall and write about as many of this person’s selfless actions as possible. Pay attention to various kinds of generosities (e.g., emotional support, social support, or help to think through their problems or challenges). Provide as much as details possible, including how it feels to be a recipient of this person’s generosities. Make an aspiration in writing to pay forward the generosities you received from this person to someone else.

© Ram Mahalingam
Reference: Mahalingam, R. (2019). Mindful Mindset, Interconnectedness, and Dignity. Youth and Globalization, 230-253.

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